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XICA, Japan Spatial Design Award, Indoor Greening Competition 360° Virtual Tour of Selected Offices Released


XICA Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Yoshiaki Hirao; hereinafter referred to as "XICA") has released a 360° virtual tour of its office, which was selected for the Japan Space Design Award 2023 and the Indoor Greening Competition 2023.

The press release is also available on our website.

XICA Opens 360°Virtual Tour of Selected Offices for the Japan Spatial Design Award and the Indoor Greening Competition 2023

Background and Purpose of the 360° Virtual Tour

XICA relocated its office to "Roppongi T-Cube" in Minato-ku, Tokyo on March 20, 2023. One of the features of this office is its ability to promote talent development by creating communication opportunities and stimulating employee creativity.

*Taking advantage of the real strength of the office, on/off integration will create new communication

One year after the relocation, XICA's office has contributed to further business growth by promoting the blossoming of employee talent through an enhanced Employee Experience.

We are pleased to announce the release of a 360° virtual tour of our offices to provide prospective employers and a wide variety of stakeholders with an online experience of the XICA office environment.

▼ The 360° virtual tour of XICA's offices can be experienced here.

Japan Spatial Design Award, Indoor Greening Competition

<Japan Spatial Design Award 2023

XICA's office was selected for the KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2023 Longlist in Japan's largest design award "Japan Spatial Design Award 2023", which was established to connect the value of spatial design to the future.

<Indoor Greening Contest 2023 Indoor Greening Promotion Council Special Award

XICA's office was selected for the Indoor Greening Contest 2023, a nationwide movement to promote indoor greening, and received the Indoor Greening Promotion Council Special Award.

XICA's office

Company Information

XICA is a data science partner that supports data-driven marketing. We provide professional services that deliver suggestions based on hypothetical thinking and data analysis for our clients' marketing issues and present concrete and effective solutions. As a source of the value we provide, we continue to accompany our clients to elucidate increasingly sophisticated marketing mechanisms and maximize marketing results by continually refining the three capabilities that comprise data science: business understanding, statistical analysis, and IT engineering.

Based on our mission "to create a fair world full of blossoming talents," we will maximize the potential of people and companies and realize the blossoming of talents by creating a transparent and fair society through the power of data science.

Representative: Yoshiaki Hirao, President and CEO

Location : 14F Roppongi T-Cube, 3-1-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Establishment : 2012


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