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Enjoy the taste of ryotei (traditional Japanese-style restaurant) by using abalone and scallops Two types of kamameshi ingredients renewed, sales channels to be expanded nationwide from June 1


Kaiya Corporation (Location: Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture; President: Satoshi Nakamura) has renewed two of its products, "kamameshi no moto with abalone" and "kamameshi no moto with scallop," and began selling them on Saturday, June 1, 2024. Since there are many long-time fans of the products, the base of the products was not changed, but the products were completed after repeated trial and error, including increasing the amount of shellfish and adjusting the salt content so that customers can enjoy the taste of shellfish even more. As a comprehensive shellfish processing manufacturer, we will actively market this product outside Yamanashi Prefecture, which has been sold mainly within Yamanashi Prefecture, so that people throughout Japan can enjoy the taste of kamameshi with shellfish.

Image of Kamameshi no Moto

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The possibilities for arrangement are endless. Enjoy both Japanese and Western styles.

This product is characterized by the variety of ingredients. It contains shellfish, which is high in protein, taurine, and other nutrients, as well as carrots and other vegetables. Because of the large number of ingredients, it is satisfying even when eaten as a stand-alone dish.

It can also be enjoyed in your favorite arrangements, such as as an ingredient in Japanese-style omelette rice or pasta, or diluted and used as a dipping sauce for soba noodles or somen noodles.

Outline of the product

Kamameshi Noodles with Abalone

The amount of shellfish has been increased. The elegant soy sauce-based flavor gives it a confident taste that you will never get tired of.

Price : 615 yen (tax included)

Contents :220g (for 3 cups)

Shelf life :180 days at room temperature, unopened

Storage method : Keep out of direct sunlight at room temperature

Kamameshi no Moto with Abalone

Scallop kamameshi stock

The delicious flavor and aroma of scallops fill your mouth with a lingering taste.

Price : 615 yen (tax included)

Content :220g (for 3 cups)

Shelf life :180 days at room temperature, unopened

Storage method : Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight

Scallop kamameshi no motsu

About Kaiya Co.

We manufacture and sell processed shellfish products such as "Abalone Boiled Shellfish", a specialty of Yamanashi.

With our unique technology and traditional secret recipe, we have established sales channels not only in our hometown Yamanashi but also in the world.

Why "Abalone" in a Sea-less Prefecture?

It is said that abalone caught in the Suruga Sea was first processed and placed in barrels filled with soy sauce and carried on the backs of horses as a preserved food during the Edo period (1603-1868). By the time they arrived in Yamanashi, the abalone had soaked up the flavor of the soy sauce, which was neither too thick nor too thin, and was said to be more delicious than the abalone boiled in shellfish found elsewhere. It is said that this is how the food culture of boiled abalone shellfish took root in Yamanashi.

Company Profile

Company name: Kaiya Co.

Location: 3330-1 Shimosone-cho, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Representative : Satoshi Nakamura, President and Representative Director

Establishment : July 1977

Business description: Manufacturing and sales of processed marine products

Capital : 46,350,000 yen

HP :

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