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Seishindo Pharmacy Launches Free Online Kampo Consultation for Chronic Kidney Disease The Role of Kampo" is now available on the website.

~ To protect your healthy kidneys.


Seishindo Pharmacy Co. (Head Office: Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture; Representative Director: Yuichi Nishino; hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), which operates 20 kampo consultation pharmacies and acupuncture clinics in Tokyo and Chiba, has launched an online kampo consultation service for those suffering from chronic kidney disease.

Seishindo Pharmacy proposes measures against chronic kidney disease. We provide support to improve kidney function before the risk of dialysis increases, and offer online and telephone consultations to those suffering from the disease nationwide. Even for those who are unable to visit our stores in person, we offer a plan tailored to individual lifestyles by asking for details online.

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The Power of Chinese Medicine for Kidney Disease

The Challenge of Chronic Kidney Disease in Japan

Chronic kidney disease is a disease in which the glomerulus, which performs filtration, and the renal tubules, through which filtered substances pass, become sluggish, causing proteins and other substances necessary for the body to leak out of the body, while toxic substances and excess water are retained in the body. The number of patients with chronic kidney disease in Japan is more than 13 million (about 1 in 8 adults), and the number of patients with chronic kidney disease is increasing due to the growing elderly population and the increasing prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

In the early stages of chronic kidney disease, there are few subjective symptoms, and many people may first notice the disease during physical examinations and other tests. However, common symptoms such as nocturia and swelling may be hidden behind kidney disease.

Although Western medicine offers treatment options such as dialysis and transplantation, there is no direct means of delaying or preventing the progression of kidney disease to the point where it can be treated.

Kidney problems must be treated promptly to prevent them from progressing. The kidneys play a very important role in filtering blood collected from all over the body, removing excess fluid and waste from the blood, and cleaning the blood.

It is important to have regular checkups for early detection and early treatment. Be aware of the importance of early prevention.

Please take advantage of the wisdom and power of Chinese herbal medicine to protect the health of the "kidney," the reservoir of vital energy.


Online Kampo Consultation

Our online Chinese medicine consultation service allows you to consult with a Chinese medicine advisor (*) or a Chinese medicine pharmacist online about your concerns about Chinese medicine or acupuncture and moxibustion.

We are proud to have the largest number of TCM specialists in Japan, and we provide a full support system that enables you to use both Chinese medicine and acupuncture and moxibustion together in TCM treatment.

We have the largest number of TCM doctors in Japan, 18, with in-depth knowledge and numerous achievements, supporting Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment.

What is a TCM Advisor?

A TCM Advisor is a specialist who is well versed in TCM, traditional Chinese medicine.

TCM Advisors consider one's constitution based on TCM and provide advice from their expert standpoint on not only Chinese medicine and acupuncture and moxibustion, but also lifestyle regimen such as diet and exercise. Equivalent to a TCM doctor, international TCM specialist, or clinical TCM specialist.

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Chronic Kidney Disease Seminars are held as needed.

In February 2024, we held a "Health Seminar to Protect Healthy Kidneys" in Shinbashi, Tokyo.

We invited a dialysis specialist and a professional in the field of medicinal herbs to talk about the secrets of protecting kidney health, and many participants expressed their satisfaction with the seminar.

[The participants were very satisfied with the lecture and said it was "very good.]

I was very impressed with the lecture. I thought that I should be careful about it.

I could understand the relationship between glomeruli and diabetes. I understood the importance of adjusting my lifestyle, and I will be more careful.

I learned a lot of useful information such as how to use specific dietary medicines for menopausal symptoms and kidneys. I would like to use it in my daily life.

I could understand the function of kidney and its relation to the five organs. I will review my diet with reference to the recipes for kidney yang and kidney yin. Thank you very much.

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May 21, 2024 Online Health Seminar

We also offer a free monthly online seminar for health, lectured by a TCM expert, and in May 2024, we will talk about "nocturnal enuresis," which is one of the most common problems among chronic kidney diseases.

□ Waking up several times during the night with the urge to urinate

□ Difficulty in passing urine or frequent urination

□ I am concerned about lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

□ I want to know about my kidneys and am concerned about my kidney function.

□ Increased gray hair, dry hair

□ I have tinnitus and gray hair.

I have a family member with kidney problems

□ I want to know about measures and lifestyle habits to protect kidney.

□ I want to know about measures and lifestyle to protect kidney.

This will be an opportunity for those suffering from kidney disease to rethink what they can do to protect their kidneys.

▼ May 21, 2024 Kidney Disease Seminar Application Form

Official LINE account / Yakuzen recipe distribution

Support for concerns about kidney function

We are distributing recipes and columns by Ms. Yuki Kato (international medicinal herbalist and dietitian) of Yakuzen Recipes. As a Registered Dietitian, we support your concerns about kidney function.

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Company Profile

Company name: Seishindo Pharmacy Co.

Head office location: 3-18-23 Minami-Gyotoku, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture

Representative: Yuichi Nishino, Representative Director

Establishment : March 1987


Description of Business: Operation of pharmacies, sales of pharmaceuticals and quasi-drugs,

       Management of acupuncture and moxibustion clinics and osteopathic clinics, import and sale of cosmetics,

       Import and sale of cosmetics, and all business incidental to the above

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