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Preserving Memorabilia with Your Children as 3D Models for Your Albums Clear your home! Memories for a lifetime! Sales of "Memories 3D Album


ColorChips, Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Naoki Obayashi), a company that proposes digital solutions for businesses, has launched the "Memories 3D Album" on a special website for families who are troubled by "memories" of their children that they cannot keep forever but find difficult to throw away. The "Memories 3D Album" will go on sale on May 29, 2024 (Wednesday) on a special website for families who are struggling with "memories" of their children that they "can't keep forever but are hard to throw away.

The "Memories 3D Album" is a 3D model that can be completed simply by shooting a video, allowing users to digitally store their memories and view them at home.

Special website:

Example of use

The 3D model is created using the photogrammetric technique, which stitches together images taken from all angles to create a 3D model that looks exactly like the real thing.

We offer a plan that allows up to 10 3D models to be created per order, with the quantity available increasing with the price.

A maximum of 100 3D models can be created as a memento of the event.

The completed 3D model will be delivered on a DVD with all the data.

What is photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is a method of creating a 3D model by cutting out images from a photograph.

Usually, it takes several hundred photographs to create a 3D model that is close to the appearance of the real thing.

The "Memories 3D Album" minimizes the burden on the user by using video recording to cut out the images, which greatly reduces the time and effort required to take hundreds of photos.

3D model example 1

3D model example 2

3D model example 3

◆Planner's Thoughts

The idea for this album came from the fact that our representative's child was about to enter junior high school, and she was having trouble disposing of her first shoes, favorite toys, and craft works she had made in kindergarten and elementary school that she had kept without throwing them away.

She couldn't make up her mind to throw them away, but it was also difficult to sort through them. Being faced with the ultimate choice in the midst of a busy day-to-day life can be stressful.

We wondered if we could solve this stress by using 3D modeling technology handled by ColorChips, and the "Memories 3D Album" was born.

How is "Memories 3D Album" different from ordinary albums?

Memories 3D Album" is an album that allows you to enjoy 3D model images reproduced with realistic texture on your TV or PC at home.

The album does not use a gimmick to showcase the memories, but rather allows you to look back at them from all angles except the bottom, giving them a more realistic texture than photographs or videos.

The greatest appeal of this service is that by leaving each memento as an individual item, it is possible to preserve "memories that only parents can taste," which is exactly one of the reasons why it is difficult to clean up, such as scratches from moving around a lot and the marks of efforts made by small hands that must have been made with a lot of hard work.

DVD screen (example of menu column)

The DVDs delivered to you can have a custom color case jacket, and you can choose your favorite color from a total of five colors.

The front of the case has an original retro-inspired logo that resembles a vinyl record, and the back of the case is printed with a memo area where you can freely write notes, so you can remove the cover and write the name of the film or other information.

DVD jacket design

◆How to use "Memories 3D Album

To use "Memories 3D Album", you need to register as a member on the special site and then apply for the service.

After registering as a member, there are only two steps

(1) Shoot a video of the object you want to make 3D.

(2) Send the video data

After sending the video data, we will deliver the product to your specified address in about 2 weeks.

<About the filming method

There is a proper way to shoot in order to create a 3D model that is close to the real thing.

Please refer to the manual page for details.

Also, please note that some materials are difficult to reproduce in a 3D model due to the nature of 3D modeling.

<About the price plan

Order up to 10 pieces→6,000 yen (excluding tax)

Max. 100 pieces can be ordered!

*If the number of 3D models you wish to create is less than 10, we will provide you with the "Up to 10 pieces plan".

For orders of 11 or more pieces, an additional unit price will be added per piece.

(e.g.) Create 11 3D model data → Apply the basic price of the "Plan for up to 20 pieces" + additional unit price of 570 yen (excluding tax) for the total amount of the bill.

Outline of the product

Product name: Memories 3D Album

Sales location : Official website


*Member registration is required to place an order.

Company Profile

Company name: ColorChips, Inc.

Representative: Naoki Obayashi, President and Representative Director

Head office: Akebono Building 3F, 2-6-12 Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0032, Japan

Year of establishment: August 15, 2005

Business description: WEB system development business, system operation, and store customer attraction support business,

       Technology development (R&D) business, analysis and analysis business,

       Manufacturing and sales of originally designed watches


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