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Survey on the Buying Behavior and Values of Generation Alpha ~Extracted hints on how to capture the attention of the "Alpha Generation," the hottest purchasing target


Tokyu Agency Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Toshiyuki Kosaka) announces that its Alpha Generation Lab, a team that analyzes the trends of the Alpha Generation, has conducted a survey on the purchasing behavior and values of the Alpha Generation.

Many companies are looking at the "Alpha Generation" born after 2010 as their next purchasing target. Our "Alpha Generation Lab" (*1) conducted a survey to understand the process by which the Alpha Generation selects and purchases products and how much they are influenced by their parents. By focusing on product categories related to beauty, food, and fun, which are of particular interest to Generation α, we were able to clearly identify the characteristics of this generation, and we extracted a number of hints for targeting Generation α, such as whether it is more effective to approach them personally or their parents in order for them to purchase products and use services. We extracted a number of hints for targeting the α generation.

In order to understand trends, we also surveyed "Generation Z" born between 1995 and 2010, as well as their parents. In designing the survey, XICA's analysis solution "FINDER" (*2) was used to complement the reality of the values of the digital native generation, and the survey was designed with reference to what is said on social networking services.

Key findings of the survey

Beauty: Generation Alpha has high purchase intention toward skincare brands with SDGs messages!

In skincare (lotion), respondents were more likely than Generation Z to intend to purchase a brand that communicates "environmental friendliness" and "respect for gender equality and diversity. Respect for gender equality and diversity" had a higher impact on boys than on girls.

Intention to continue purchasing products based on SDGs communication (skincare (lotion))

Food: Generation α is more likely than their parents to research stores and deals on the web!

Half of Generation α look up restaurant chain store information on the Web more than their parents, and 30% know more about coupons and deals than their parents.

Play": There is a large difference between the perceptions of Generation α and their parents regarding the amount of money they spend on smartphone games!

Regarding smartphone games charged for, there was a large difference between the games that Generation α parents imagine their children play and the games their children are charged for. In addition, parents of Generation α are more concerned about the actual status of smartphone game charges than parents of Generation Z. It can be inferred that parents do not have an accurate grasp of the actual status of Generation α, the digital natives.

Survey Summary

Survey title : Survey on the Purchasing Behavior/Values of Generation α

Survey method : Internet survey

Survey targets: 2,958 samples in total (Generation α: 512)

        (Generation α: 512 persons, Generation Z: 800 persons,

         Parents of Generation α: 1,087; Parents of Generation Z: 559)

Survey categories: skin care, eating out, smartphone games

Survey period : March 2024

Survey targets

*1 What is the "Alpha Generation Lab"?

A target research lab that analyzes the values and characteristics of Generation α, which will play a central role in consumer behavior 10 years from now, by linking them to purchasing behavior in order to develop strategies, plans, implementation, and advertising expressions based on target understanding.


FINDER is XICA's proprietary analysis solution that uses data science to extract and analyze "spontaneous comments" of individual consumers from text data of SNS (mainly X (formerly Twitter)), news, blogs, etc., by setting keywords that match the search theme. XICA's unique analysis solution that extracts and analyzes the "spontaneous comments" of individual consumers from text data on SNS, news, blogs, and other social networking sites, especially Twitter. By grasping "topic trends" and "relationships" among categorized topics, it is possible to deepen customer understanding and find hints for market strategies.


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