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BPJPH New Indonesia Halal Certification Practitioner Training" to be held on June 10  Offered at a campaign price to commemorate the opening of the new course


Halal Japan Association, a pioneer in the halal business industry in Japan, will hold "BPJPH New Indonesia Halal Certification Practitioner Training" online (Zoom webinar) on June 10, 2024. A campaign is being conducted in conjunction with the opening of the new course, and the course is available for 100,000 yen for two people from one company.

Image (1) BPJPH Training LP

In this training course, participants will learn correctly and in detail about the new halal certification system (BPJPH) in Indonesia, which is currently attracting great attention as a destination for Japanese companies to export and expand their business in the country.

The target audience includes B-to-C manufacturers and B-to-B manufacturers of foods, health foods, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, household goods, packaging materials, etc. who are considering expanding into Indonesia.

In Indonesia, it is said that everything you eat, touch, or wear is subject to Halal certification, and we have decided to hold this training course in the hope that all businesses related to Indonesia will learn from it.

The training will be conducted as a one-day intensive lecture online (Zoom webinar) and the training material will be based on the latest Indonesian government requirements known as SKKNI 2022.

The training program will be held every three months, four times a year, with the third session this year to be held at a venue (Tokyo).

We hope that this training program will help participants to understand the new Halal certification system BPJPH, which will be mandatory in the future, and not the old Halal certification system issued by LPPOM MUI, and will help them to expand their business in Indonesia.

Halal Japan Association has partnered with Halal Institute, a halal training institute in Indonesia, to conduct this training course. Since its establishment, Halal Institute has established itself as one of the BPJPH accredited halal training institutes with an excellent track record both domestically and internationally, and was awarded as a halal training institute that is actively engaged in human resource development in the halal field at the Indonesia Halal Festival (BPJPH 5th Anniversary). In the Indonesian Halal Festival (5th anniversary of BPJPH), BPJPH was commended as a halal training organization actively engaged in human resource development in the halal field.

Image (2) Halal Japan Association and Halal Institute in cooperation

We hope that many people will understand the new Indonesian Halal certification BPJPH and make use of it in their exports, business expansion, OEM production, etc.

For details of the program, please visit the following URL

The number of participants for the first session is limited to 30 people, and the course is available at a campaign price of 100,000 yen for two people from one company.


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