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Long-established kimono store in Kyoto, "SAIRIN" renews its workshop experience plan for wealthy visitors to Japan! renewed its workshop experience plan for wealthy visitors to Japan!


Sairin Co. (Head office: Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto; President: Tomoko Fujii; hereafter referred to as SAIRIN) has renewed its workshop experience plan for wealthy visitors to Japan, which has been requested by many customers.

"Workshop Experience - Hand-painted Kyoto Yuzen

Yuzen Experience

Background of previous workshop experiences and renewal

Sairin has been offering a workshop experience course mainly for domestic customers. The "Fukusa Experience" has been very popular, but we have decided to offer the "Workshop Tour and Painting Experience A and B" because the fukusa will be sewn and mailed to you at a later date, and because people from overseas do not have the opportunity to use a fukusa.

The features of the workshop tour and fukusa painting experience A and B are as follows

(1) The experience is completed on the same day, and there is no need to send it by mail later.

In the workshop tour and painting experience A and B, you will experience yuzen using the same dyes, brushes, and fabrics actually used by Sairin's craftsmen.

After the tour, you will be able to take home the products made by Sairin, so there is no need to wait for them to be mailed at a later date.

(2) Take home high value handmade products produced by Sairin

The products you will take home are all hand-dyed and hand-crafted by Sairin in its workshop, and are unique and high-value products. Because they are handmade, they cannot be produced in large quantities and are available only in limited places.

(3) Consult with each foreign visitor agency about the contents

We will consult with each agency on the budget and number of visitors, and respond flexibly to their needs.

We are currently receiving a large number of foreign visitors, but since we do not have any English-speaking staff, we basically accept them through travel agencies of wealthy visitors to Japan.

About the workshop experience at Sairin Co.

(1) Sairin is the only provider of Kyo Yuzen experience.

Sairin offers workshop experiences to promote the appeal of Kyoto's traditional industry, Kyo-yuzen. Currently, there are no more Kyo-Yuzen experience providers in Kyoto, including Kyoto Kobo Concierge ( sponsored by Kyoto City, and there is no place to offer Kyo-Yuzen experience. (2) Seek high value-added products

(2) Experiences that fully satisfy travelers seeking high added value

We believe that travelers seeking high value-added experiences expect to learn and grow through travel, not simply spend more money, but there are still few places where they can find the true value of Kyoto's traditions and culture.

Today, many kimonos are digitally printed, and the number of workshops practicing hand-painted yuzen is very limited.

The experience of learning the techniques of hand-painting directly from the artisans of this centuries-old Japanese dyeing technique is a unique and precious experience.

Outline of "Workshop Tour and Painting Experience A and B

Sales start date : May 22, 2024

Location :Sairin Co.

      (175-9 Fudo-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8215, Japan)

Price : (1) Workshop tour and painting experience A 30,000 yen (tax included)

        You can take home a stole or other item.

      (2) Workshop tour and painting experience B: 50,000 yen (tax included)

        You can take home a clutch bag or other item.

Time required: approx. 1 hour

      From 10:00 to 16:00

      Basically closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays, but we will consult with you to see if we can accommodate your request.

      We will consult with you to see if we can accommodate your request.

Capacity: Negotiable (from 1 person up to 9 people in shifts)

*This is a private experience.

*Please note that those under 15 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Please be accompanied by an interpreter or other guide.

Official website URL:

For inquiries from customers, please contact

Sairin Co.

TEL : 075-221-6088


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