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sion works releases an interview with Shino Ijima, Representative Director of sion works Interview on the development process of the PC backpack "4-Dimension Bag(R) Hack", etc.


On June 3, 2024, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Consultation Center for New Business Location conducted an interview with Ms. Shino Ishima, representative of "sion works, Inc.

The next highly anticipated item, the "4-Dimensional Bag(R) Hack," a PC backpack for comfortable laptop operation on the go, will be available for pre-order from 7:00 a.m. on June 2, 2024 (Sunday). We asked about the development process.

Shino Ijima, President, sion works, Inc.

A creator who breathes new life into the development of one-of-a-kind business support tools

Shino Ijima, who has loved "making things" since she was a child, started her own business, "sion works," a start-up company that plans, manufactures, and sells bags and accessories, after working for a company. He started his business at "Asia Startup Office MONO" in Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo. We interviewed him about why he chose this location, his business, and his vision.

A business card case that takes out business cards in one second" was the catalyst for a leap forward.

The impetus for starting a business came from an opportunity to make an armory bag. Basically, there were only a limited number of ready-made products available for carrying kendo shinai (bamboo swords) and other martial arts equipment. If there was nothing to your liking among them, you had no choice but to make it by yourself. That was the starting point of my strong awareness of manufacturing.

Later, she started her own business, focusing on bags and accessories that she had been familiar with as business tools during her years as a company employee. The company developed and commercialized eyeglass cases, smartphone bags, and thin wallets for women. One of the most popular products is a business card case.

Business cards can be quickly removed by sliding or even pushing them out with the thumb. Awarded "Omotenashi Selection 2021" selected and evaluated by foreign experts.

When exchanging business cards, an essential part of the initial greeting in business situations, there are times when taking a business card out of the cardholder's card case can be a bit of a struggle, isn't it? It is said that the first impression of a person you meet for the first time is determined in the first three seconds, and that impression will remain in the subconscious of the person you meet for six months to several years. If this is the case, if the exchange can be done quickly and without hesitation, the first impression is sure to be a good one, and it can be expected to build a good relationship with the customer afterwards. This is what inspired us to come up with the idea of a business card case that allows you to take out a business card in one second and make a good impression on the person you are dealing with.

The result is "Slide Thumb(R). Slide Thumb(R)" has a structure that allows users to remove business cards by simply sliding their thumb without opening the lid, and is ultra-lightweight at 4mm thick and 16-18g in weight. The product has been a topic of discussion and success in several prominent crowdfunding campaigns, and has also attracted attention from many media outlets, including web news and trend magazines.

Two types are available: "Slide Thumb(R) 30," which can hold up to 30 business cards, and "Slide Thumb(R) 50," which can hold up to 50 cards. The materials used are high-quality Japanese cowhide "Tochigi leather" and brightly colored "Italian leather. Both are accompanied by a tag certifying that they are made of genuine leather.

We basically sell our products through e-commerce, so we are not directly related to the huge Tokyo market, but last year we had the opportunity to display and sell "Slide Thumb(R)" at famous electronics retailers and department stores in Tokyo," said Mr. Kato. I think it was a privilege for us to be based in Tokyo to be able to see our products in the hands of our customers in actual stores.

Expanding Business Opportunities with Business Bags that Make Notebook PC Operation Comfortable While on the Go

Shino Ijima, who has been running smoothly, positions the "4-Dimension Bag(R) Hack," a PC backpack launched in June 2024, as the next item she is looking forward to selling. Many businesspersons carry notebook PCs with them at all times, and it is not uncommon for them to work with their notebook PCs on their lap while traveling by bus, train, or other means, or during spare time. The 4-Dimension Bag(R) developed by Shino Ijima greatly improves the environment for working with a laptop on the lap and realizes comfortable typing.

According to our own survey, people who carry their PC in a backpack to work or school spend an average of more than 30 minutes a day in a sitting position while traveling. About 90% of them would like to operate their PCs while on the move, but this task entails many problems, such as the PC not being stable on the lap, being difficult to type with because of the tilt, and stiff shoulders and neck because of the forward leaning posture. If these 30 minutes can be made into comfortable work time, and accumulated over a week, a month, or a year, it should lead to an increase in total productivity--this is the background behind the development of the 4-D Bag(R).

The ideal environment for PC operation is on the desk. The "LT Slider," a proprietary PC stand, is mounted on the back of the backpack to reproduce this environment on the user's lap, and the LT Slider slides up and down to provide the distance, angle, and comfort of typing at a desk. It also allows users to start PC operation within seconds of sitting down, so they can concentrate on their work immediately, anytime, anywhere. The product has been highly acclaimed even before its launch, and the four-dimensional bag(R) was selected for the "Tokyo Monozukuri Movement 2023," a manufacturing pitch contest. The product received a maximum of 10 million yen in development support funds for commercialization.

The LT slider slides up on the bag and raises the angle, allowing the notebook PC to be fixed in the same flat position as on the desk. Domestic patent registration has been completed, and in addition, an international patent is pending.

In addition to the notebook PC and peripherals, there is plenty of room for stationery, etc. The side pocket can be used to remove items from the backpack while the PC is in operation.

Shino Ijima says that it is only at the "Asia Startup Office MONO" in Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, where the company currently resides, that the company has been able to accumulate a track record in the development of business card cases, 4D Bags(R), and other products.

The most important thing is the machine shop, where all the machines can be used free of charge by the tenants," she says. A 3D printer is indispensable for prototype modeling of the LT slider for the 4-D bag(R), and the MONO office provides us with many opportunities for contests, exhibitions, business meetings, and so on. In addition, genuine leather, the material used for bags and accessories, is very large, measuring nearly 3 square meters before processing, so it takes a lot of space to process a large number of items at once. However, MONO's workspace is spacious, so this is not a problem. In addition, there are tenants who are experts in different genres such as wood and metal, so we can easily ask for advice or use each other's materials. For me, this is an ideal environment.

Shino Ijima says, "I am also very confident that our four-dimensional bag(R) has been selected for the Tokyo Monozukuri Movement 2023.

Shino Ijima is photographed in the exhibition space of the Asia Startup Office MONO, where she has her office. We often exchange opinions and information with other tenants without hesitation, and I think we are building a good relationship.

Advantages of a Tokyo Location: Information, Human Resources, Subsidies, and a Supportive Environment for Entrepreneurs

Finally, we asked about the advantages of being located in Tokyo.

The three major domestic clusters of leather dealers and processors, which form the basis of our products, are located in Hyogo Prefecture (Himeji and Tatsuno), Tokyo (near Asakusa), and Wakayama. Asakusa is located about 30 minutes from MONO, so you can directly hold the materials in your hands and check them with your own eyes. In addition to materials, I was introduced to new stores and vendors, and was able to gather knowledge and information and make connections in a short period of time. Another advantage of the environment is that Tokyo Big Sight in Ariake, Koto-ku, where large-scale exhibitions are frequently held, is within bicycling distance. Without having to pay for transportation and lodging, we can easily exhibit as an extension of our daily work and learn about the latest industry trends. Furthermore, since Odaiba, where MONO is located, is used as a demonstration site for next-generation technologies and services such as self-driving buses, it is easy to participate and get the latest information, and there are many diverse cultural facilities and art events where you can get inspiration for your business on a daily basis.

Another advantage is that it is relatively easy to secure human resources according to sales conditions and busy seasons.

When we need help tomorrow, we can post a job opening on a recruiting site and have it confirmed within minutes of the opening. We can run the business with part-time or temporary help instead of employees.

In addition, he feels that Tokyo is the only place in the world where he can receive a wide variety of financial support from the government.

For example, the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs subsidized a portion of our crowdfunding fees. Also, the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Agency's Digital Technology Promotion Subsidy Program has provided me with substantial subsidies for the purchase of expensive digital equipment on my own. In my case, I did not have a lot of personal funds to start a business, so this kind of support was really helpful. In addition, because I was selected for the support program, I was introduced to many buyers, and I was able to catch trends in consumer needs and ideas for creating products that are easy to sell.

With a coworking space that provides a supportive environment for manufacturing, and generous support from government and other organizations, Tokyo is likely to remain a reliable ally for sion works in the future.

Company Profile

Company name: sion works Co.

Location: 14F, East Wing, Telecom Center Building, 2-5-10 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Representative : Shino Ijima

Establishment : January 16, 2022

Business : Planning, manufacturing and sales of bags and accessories


Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Government

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