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Business advisor who advocates becoming the "left arm" of business owners, Representative of TABATA Co. Participated in the Listing Ceremony of MEDI AIR CORPORATION


TABATA Corporation (Location: Shiki City, Saitama Prefecture; hereinafter referred to as "TABATA"), which operates consulting, family office, and marriage counseling businesses, participated in the listing ceremony of MediAir, Inc.

MedAir was listed on TOKYO PRO Market operated by Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. on June 7, 2024. We were fortunate to have been invited to the listing ceremony as we had been in contact with each other since the time of preparation for the listing, and we were very pleased to share in this memorable event.

Scene of the listing ceremony

Mr. Nobuyuki Niki, President and Representative Director of MedAir Inc.

MedAir's listing on TOKYO PRO Market

MedAir was listed on TOKYO PRO Market on June 7, 2024, after receiving approval from the Tokyo Stock Exchange following listing guidance and examination by Japan Investment Advisor, Inc.

What is TOKYO PRO Market?

TOKYO PRO Market is a listing market operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. TOKYO PRO Market is a listing market that is limited to "professional investors" and has enhanced mobility and flexibility in its listing standards and disclosure system.

What is J-Adviser?

The Tokyo Stock Exchange has certified J-Advisers and entrusts them with listing examination services for TOKYO PRO Market.

J-Advisers are in charge of conducting pre-listing inspections and confirming the eligibility of companies to be listed on TOKYO PRO Market, providing advice and guidance on timely disclosure after listing, and conducting inspections of compliance with listing maintenance requirements.

2) Outline of MedAir

Name : MedAir Inc.

Head Office : 1-9-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

           ARK Hills Sengokuyama Mori Tower 25F

Representative: Nobuyuki Niki, President and Representative Director

Establishment: July 15, 2002

Business description: EC support service, D2C sales

Website URL :

Details regarding listing Tokyo Stock Exchange website

Details on J-Adviser Japan Investment Advisor Inc. website

TABATA's Corporate Value Enhancement and Business Succession Consulting

TABATA provides consulting services for corporate owners and family businesses that need to improve corporate value and business succession, such as listing (TOKYO PRO Market, etc.), MA, and business succession. We provide consulting services such as listing (TOKYO PRO Market, etc.), MA, and business succession to corporate owners and family businesses that face challenges such as increasing corporate value and business succession.

(Reference) TABATA Website

TABATA Corporation Site Image

TABATA Corporation Business

(1) Consulting Business

<Business succession consulting

We assist business owners in resolving issues such as business and asset succession that they cannot avoid, while working with them in accordance with their wishes.

<Corporate Value Enhancement Consulting

We provide hands-on assistance in launching and promoting projects to achieve business expansion and increase corporate value.

[Examples of support]

Establishment of internal management system, HR strategy, and financial strategy

Consideration and execution of IPO (Tokyo Pro Market, etc.)

Launching a new business (new corporation) & M&A strategy

(2) Family Office Business

We help family businesses and their owners' families to inherit and protect their important assets and thoughts.

[Examples of support]

Establishment and operation of a family office

Establishment and utilization of asset management companies

Establishment and utilization of an asset management company ・Planning for asset succession (inheritance) and strengthening of family governance

(3) Operation of Louis, a marriage counseling service

We operate "Louis," a marriage counseling service that meets the hopes and expectations of business executives and businesspersons.

The meaning of "Louis" is "a renowned warrior.

[Examples of support]

Management (owner, successor, entrepreneur)

Management brain (CXO, lawyer, accountant)

Management, executives, etc...

Marriage Agency Louis Banner

Marriage Counseling Louis:

Company Profile

Company name: TABATA Corporation

Representative: Akio Ohdaira, President

Location: 3-4-4-1402 Saiwai-cho, Shiki-shi, Saitama 353-0005, Japan

Establishment : September 20, 2023

Business : Consulting business

      Family office business

      Operation of Louis, a marriage agency

Capital : 10 million yen


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