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Thinking about the cult issue from a physicality perspective


The Center for Spirituality Research Foundation (Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, President: Koichiro Ito) will hold its 6th special lecture, "Considering the Cult Problem from the Perspective of Physicality," on August 30, 2024.

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The cult issue has resurfaced again since the former Unification Church issue. From this point on, society's eyes have become more severe and paranoid toward religious and similar groups. However, in terms of economic damage and the destruction of the spirituality of the participants, the number of "self-help seminars" and "consciousness-raising seminars" organized by small groups has been on the rise in After Corona, and the damage caused by these seminars continues to increase.

A researcher at the Center for Spirituality Research notes that "these are very different from the self-help seminars of the past," and that there is always some kind of behavior involved. According to the researcher, "By repeating a certain action, people find 'pleasure' in it and want to participate again and again." People seek the "pleasure" in the seminars and visit again and again until they are in financial difficulty, and the influence extends to their families.

The impact of these seminars on the family members is also increasing, although they are not reported in the mass media because they are small in scale. The seminars are advertised and promoted in the form of yoga classes, gymnastics classes, and dance classes, so people are unaware of the brainwashing behavior that takes place there," said the person in charge, adding that it is difficult for the general public to discern the reality of the seminars and to grasp the actual situation. A representative of the organization's workshop research department says, "Not all movement-based seminars are dangerous, and most classes contribute to health and relaxation of body and mind.

Since 2022, the Center for Spirituality Research Foundation has been focusing on "physicality," which is the effect of movement on the human psyche, and has established a workshop research division to study with psychologists what movements pose a danger to people and what movements have a positive effect on people. The lecture will focus on the "physicality" of the corporate workshop research division, and will be followed by a presentation by Dr. Kato. In the same lecture, a representative from the Corporate Workshop Research Division will explain what kinds of seminars are dangerous and how to recognize dangerous seminars, based on how physical exercise affects the human psyche.

Date & Time : Friday, August 30, 2024, 19:30-21:00

Place : Online

How to register

(1) Register on the official line at the following URL and send "I wish to attend the 6th Special Lecture".

(2) Please express your participation from the event section of the General Spirituality Research Center on Facebook.

At the Center for Spirituality Research, researchers have published and made public their papers on various techniques. (Excerpt from Ito Fujisaki Yoshida 2023)


Company name: Spirituality Research Center, Inc.

Representative: Koichiro Ito, President

Location: 1-10 Uegahara Yamada-cho, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture

Establishment : April 1, 2021

Business: Private academic research and experimental organization for spirituality, religion, psychology, folklore, etc.

Capital : 3 million yen


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