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Pre-sales start at Makuake With the made-to-order mattress "Re-Lime your own dream sleeping comfort.

Is it true that body pressure dispersion performance depends on the weight and body shape of the sleeper? A custom-made mattress made possible through joint research between industry and academia based on a design method A custom-made mattress made possible through industry-academia joint research based on design methods developed from urethane foam mechanical property simulation technology.


Softplen Industries Co. (Chuo-ku, Hamamatsu City), a processing manufacturer of polyurethane foam and foamed plastic, has developed a custom-made mattress with pressure dispersion performance suited to the user's body shape and weight through joint research with industry and academia, and will sell it on the support purchase site Makuake until July 1, 2024. The mattress will be on sale until July 1, 2024 on the Makuake website.

Makuake website:

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■Mattress design with pressure dispersion performance

SOFTSPRENE INDUSTRY designed a mattress (10 cm in thickness) with optimal pressure dispersion performance based on data on the shape of the human body and the elasticity of urethane, in cooperation with RIKEN (Saitama Prefecture) and the Shizuoka Institute of Industrial Technology, which conducts research by simulating the impact the human body receives in the event of a collision or fall.

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This design technology uses a laser scanner to acquire data on the user's body shape. Body weight is also obtained with a body composition analyzer. The user's body data created from these data and the elasticity data of the multiple urethane foams that make up the mattress are simulated. This technology enables the design of mattresses with pressure dispersion performance that is tailored to the individual user.

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Development Background

The development of this technology began with a question from a young staff member at a development meeting: "Doesn't body pressure dispersion performance depend on the weight and body shape of the sleeper?

This was a simple question asked by a young staff member at a development meeting.

With the cooperation of five employees, we created six different mattresses with different lamination ratios of low rebound urethane and high rebound urethane and measured the pressure dispersion performance of each. As expected, the results showed completely different pressure dispersion data.

To solve the question of whether it is possible to design a mattress with pressure dispersion performance suitable for each user, we conducted a full-scale joint research on custom-made mattress design technology with RIKEN and the Shizuoka Institute of Industrial Technology, which are researching "biomechanical simulation technology" (simulating the impact on the human body caused by collisions and falls). The full-scale joint research and development of the design technology has started.

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Through repeated development, we succeeded in calculating the optimal elasticity value of urethane based on laser-scanned body shape data. It is now possible to perform computer simulations to tailor mattresses to each individual's body shape.

In 2020, Philips conducted a global sleep survey of 13 countries and found that Japanese people had the world's lowest level of sleep satisfaction.

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Many people are dissatisfied with the quality of their sleep. RELIME was developed with the hope that as many people as possible will find relief from their dissatisfaction.

Makuake Sales Overview

The custom-made mattress "Ri-Raim" is on sale on the support purchase site Makuake until July 1, 2012.

A limited quantity of the product is available at 60% off the regular price, including a significant reasonable return price. Please check the following Makuake page for details.

Project Summary

Title : [Patented] Next-generation mattress designed to fit the user's body shape

Period : May 29, 2024 (Wed) 14:00 - July 1, 2024 (Mon) 14:00


Product Details

Single size: 97 cm (width), 195 cm (length), 10 cm (thickness)

Semi-double size: width 120 cm, length 195 cm, thickness 10 cm

         Main materials

Cover : 100% polyester

Cushion : Polyurethane foam

Color :White

Country of origin :Japan

Return information

Single: 60%OFF (Super-early bird discount) 159,600 yen

Single :Super-early bird discount 50% OFF 199,500 yen

Semi-double: Super-early-bird discount 50% OFF 214,000 yen

Single: Super Early-Bird Discount 40% OFF 239,400 yen

Semi-double:Early bird discount 40%OFF 256,800 yen

Single : Super Early-Bird Discount 30% OFF 279,300 yen

Semi-double: Super Early Bird Discount 30% OFF 299,600 yen

After Makuake ends, the single size will be sold at 399,000 yen (including tax) and the semi-double size at 428,000 yen (including tax) on the e-commerce site of Fisland, a group company.

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