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New "Green Smoothie" from LAWSON "MACHI cafe+"! Smoothie with the natural taste of domestic kale and raw bananas


In response to growing health consciousness, "MACHI cafe+" operated by LAWSON, INC. (headquartered in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter "Lawson") will start selling a new product "Green Smoothie (380 yen including tax)" combining domestic kale and fresh bananas from June 11, 2024 (Tuesday) at stores in Tokyo MACHI Cafe+ stores in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi, and Niigata prefectures will begin selling the new "Green Smoothie (380 yen including tax)," which combines kale and raw banana, on June 11, 2024. The smoothies, which are handmade and served using in-store kitchen facilities, feature a healthy flavor that is easy to drink and free of any peculiarities.

MACHI cafe+ website:

Green smoothie POP

Background of "Green Smoothie" Launch

The concept of developing a smoothie containing vegetables had been in the works for a year in response to growing health consciousness.

Many customers buy MACHI cafe+ smoothies as a breakfast substitute, and we believed there was a need for a smoothie containing nutritious vegetables that could serve as a meal replacement.

In order to provide a stable taste and quality, and to achieve not only a healthy but also a delicious taste, we repeated trial and error with various ingredients such as frozen vegetables, fresh leafy vegetables, and types of fruits to be combined, and arrived at a simple green smoothie that contains only Japanese kale, bananas, and ice.

For the kale, we use FANCL's green juice made from 100% domestically produced kale to ensure consistent taste and quality.

Bananas are fresh and are peeled and blended in a blender upon order.

Green Smoothie Product Image

Product name :Green smoothie

Price : 380 yen (tax included)

Release Date :June 11, 2024 (Tuesday)

Product Description : Made with only Japanese kale, raw bananas and ice,

     It is a simple green smoothie made from Japanese kale, raw bananas, and ice.

     It has an easy-to-drink taste with no peculiarities.

     Each cup is handmade to order.

     Enjoy the bright green color.

Green smoothie made with domestic kale and fresh bananas

Please click here to see the stores where "MACHI cafe+" is available.

Please note that the stores and hours of operation may be added, changed, or cancelled without prior notice. Please be forewarned in advance.

About the "MACHI cafe+" at LAWSON

From September 2022, LAWSON will be offering "MACHI cafe+," which provides handmade smoothies using fresh bananas and specialty coffees, using the kitchen space inside the store.

At first glance, the "MACHI cafe+" service, in which each cup is handmade and served after receiving an order from a customer, may seem counter to the times, but the business was started in response to the desire of store crews (part-time and part-time) to "talk with customers through hand delivery.

Through communication with customers, we aim to build a relationship with them so that they say, "I came to see you" or "I want to buy from you. Currently, we offer 6 to 10 types of coffee, including smoothies handmade to order and special coffee brewed from ground beans one cup at a time. Since many of our customers visit us on a daily basis, we try to make sure that there is always something fresh to discover no matter when they visit our stores.

We select our stores based on the criteria we have established for the introduction of "fantasista" (*), which is an in-house certification based on the knowledge and skills of store crew members.

As of the end of May 2024, the system has been introduced in 36 stores in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi, and Niigata prefectures.

*Lawson has had a "Fantasista System" in place since 2012 to recognize staff with excellent coffee-related knowledge and customer service skills to improve customer service and store operations. Currently, in addition to the MACHI cafe, more than 20,000 crew members have been certified in four different fields: customer service, machikado kitchen, and fast food.

Exterior of Lawson store

Serving customers with a smile

MACHI cafe+ smoothies and coffee

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