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Kansai Television Corporation Co.Ltd.(KTV) cultivates "Kankan Musume" corn, which has a sugar content of over 15 degrees and can be bitten raw, in cooperation with Hannan City, utilizing abandoned farmland. Corn "Kankan Musume" grown in cooperation with Hannan City Started sales of "harvesting and raw biting experience

Kansai Television Co. Ltd.

In cooperation with Hannan City, Osaka Prefecture, and the Hannan City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kansai Telecasting Corporation (KTV), with the cooperation of Hannan City, Osaka Prefecture, and the Hannan City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has been utilizing abandoned farmland, a serious agricultural problem, to grow "Kan Kan Musume," a valuable brand of corn that is virtually undistributed in the Kansai region, The resulting corn is now available for sale to the general public as part of a "harvesting and biting experience.

Kabkan Musume" is a super sweet corn with sugar content ranging from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius at the maximum. Its thin skin and high sugar content make it easy to bite raw, and its sweetness, combined with its thin skin, gives it a very pleasant aftertaste.

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Outline of "Harvesting and Biting Experience

Ticket sales start : Monday, June 3, 2024 from 10:00 AM (already opened)

Ticket sales site: "Asoview!


Harvesting & Biting" will be held on 6/29 (Sat), 6/30 (Sun), 7/6 (Sat), 7/7 (Sun), 7/13 (Sat), 7/14 (Sun), 7/20 (Sat) and 7/21 (Sun). (Subject to change depending on growing conditions and other factors.

Ticket prices and contents

20-Plant Satisfaction Set: 5,500 yen (up to 20 plants can be harvested)

Family set: 3,300 yen (harvest up to 10 plants)

Trial set: 2,310 yen (harvest up to 6 plants)

All prices include consumption tax.

Up to 4 people can enter with 1 ticket.

 (However, children under junior high school age are not allowed to enter without one adult.)

Tickets are sold in advance only. Tickets will not be sold on-site. There is a designated time for each purchase plan. For details on terms and conditions of use, please refer to the official Kansai Television website or the Asoview! website for details.

Kansai Television official website

Harvest experience sales site (Asoview!)

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Hannan City is one of the few municipalities that have been certified by the Cabinet Office as both an "SDGs Future City" and a "Municipal SDGs Model Project" for its proactive efforts to achieve the SDGs. As one of the measures to solve the issues of sustainable use of farmland, support for farmers, and regional revitalization, Kansai Television proposed the cultivation of "Kan Kan Musume," a brand of corn with a sugar content of over 15 degrees that can be bitten raw, on abandoned farmland. With the great cooperation of the Hannan City Hall and the Hannan City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the corn cultivation and sales are now underway.

Kansai Television Co ltd.

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