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First in Japan] "XbotGo2" to automatically shoot sports scenes with AI Project to be launched on July 19 on CAMPFIRE Video sharing and live streaming functions are also available via a dedicated app (free of charge).

株式会社Y's Factory

Y's Factory (CEO: Yukihide Yoshii), a company that imports interesting products from all over the world for sale and marketing in Japan, will start a new project called "XbotGo2" on CAMPFIRE ( The project will be launched on July 19, 2024 on CAMPFIRE (Crowdfunding) with a limited quantity and a limited support price.

For more information about CAMPFIRE:

AI Automatic Tracking

This app solves the problems of parents who film their children's sports scenes, such as "I really want to see it with my own eyes" and "I want to film it better". It also facilitates post-game video sharing via a dedicated app and supports effective play and team analysis.

The live broadcast function also makes it easy to share the video with those who cannot come to the field.

Live Transmission

■Background of Product Development

Until now, the only way to film a play while watching sports was to hold a digital camera or smartphone in one hand. Or, when filming on a tripod, you are forced to shoot from a fixed point. So, after searching the world over for an AI gadget that would automatically shoot sports, we came up with XbotGo. There are gimbals out there that can lock on to a subject and automatically track and shoot. However, there is no gadget that is linked to a smartphone that can automatically track sports play. As a gadget that is linked to a smartphone, you can enjoy various functions through the application.

XbotGo2 is also useful in terms of filming sports and utilizing the videos for analysis. The videos are stored in the application's cloud and can be easily downloaded to your smartphone. You can immediately share the videos you have taken with your family and friends.

We believe that this product will provide a new lifestyle for people who enjoy sports, their families, and those who want to improve their sports skills.

Comment from the person in charge

I myself play soccer, and I take videos of myself playing and edit them to create highlights. I use it for various purposes, such as creating memories of important games and analyzing videos to improve my skills. We believe that being able to immediately send the videos you have taken via LINE, etc. or share them in real time via live distribution will lead to a great experience. A remote controller is also included in the package, allowing remote control up to 10 meters away. In addition to soccer, the system can be used for more than 20 other sports, so we expect it to be the perfect partner for sports activists.

(Target sports: soccer, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, beach volleyball, rugby, badminton, tennis, table tennis, football, lacrosse, futsal, boxing, fencing, taekwondo, figure skating, gymnastics, dance, yoga, etc.)

XbotGo2 Product Details

Four main functions.

(1)AI-equipped sports automatic shooting

Equipped with dual cameras and a 120-degree super wide-angle lens, the AI proprietary algorithm enables high-level tracking of team sports. Tracking of specific players is also possible. 120-degree ultra wide-angle lens enables automatic tracking of more than 20 different sports.

Main functions (1)

(2) Live streaming (live feed)

The free monthly XbotGo application is compatible with popular streaming platforms such as XbotGo Live, YouTube, Facebook, Game Changer, and others that support RTMP. The excitement of the game can now be shared with friends and family in a timely manner.

Main Features(2)

(3) 360-degree panoramic tracking

XbotGo's latest innovation is a cutting-edge design that enables seamless (want to make it easy) panoramic tracking of 360-degree shootable, wider field of view, allowing you to experience the thrill of capturing breathtaking moments and immersive footage. It is especially suitable for shooting dynamic scenes such as figure skating, dance, and athletics, providing stunning images.

Main functions(3)

(4) Personal Identification Tracking Function

Utilizing re-identification technology, FollowMe 2.0 identifies and locks on to athletes based on their appearance, body shape, uniform number, etc. It can also zoom in to make the subject stand out in the frame for a more professional look. This feature can solve the problem of "I want my child tracked" or "I want to track that player with that number" in sports.

Main Functions (4)

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Crowdfunding Details

Platform : CAMPFIRE

Project Name : 【AI Automatic Tracking Shooting

          Would you like to shoot sports scenes with XbotGo2?

Period : July 19 to August 31, 2024


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Return example

Super Early Bird 37% OFF] XbotGo2 main unit + remote control set, limited to 20 units: 49,980 yen (tax included)

Early bird discount 25% OFF] XbotGo2 main unit + remote control set, limited to 50 pieces: 59,980 yen (tax included)

Regular discount 6% OFF] XbotGo2 main unit + remote control set: 74,980 yen (tax included)

(We also have a limited number of returns for a lower price.)

About Y'sfactory Inc.

Y's factory, which hopes to "contribute to the improvement of Japanese sports through technology," formed a partnership in June 2023 with Blink Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd. in June 2023. The partnership is based on the desire to "change the lifestyle of sports spectators with AI," and has been granted the official sales rights of XbotGo in Japan.

XbotGo Manufacturer Information

Blink Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.(abbreviated as Blink) focuses on the function of "Smart Phone Camera", intelligent tracking, shooting and data analysis of sports based on Smart Phone and AI technology. The founding team all hold master's and PhD degrees in the U.S. and have more than 10 years of related R&D experience at Amazon's state-of-the-art hardware labs, Bell Labs, and Tsinghua University in the U.S. The company's smartphone shooting platform, Blink Focos, is the world's first(*) tracking shooting, live broadcast, and editing system that automatically completes team sports games using smartphones, and has been awarded numerous invention patents and The company's vision is to develop sports games through cutting-edge technology. Founded in October 2021, the company's vision is to make sports filming easier through cutting-edge technology, with the goal of providing grassroots sports with great video conveniently and professionally.

(*) According to our research

Blink has received several awards since its inception.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Innovative Company by "Maker Beijing", Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Third place in the "Deep Technology" category of the GCEA Global China Entrepreneurship Contest

Winner of "Chunxi Cup" foreign student innovation entrepreneur competition sponsored by the Ministry of Education

Winner of the Global Final of Tsinghua University's "Three Creation Competition

Innovative company of Amazon's global "Cloud Creation Plan

Leading Entrepreneurship" enterprise in Suzhou Industrial Park