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Super-Early Bird's-Eye Discount on High-Quality Pearl Jewelry Limited time offer until 18:00 on July 29th at Makuake!


Sfiore (CEO: Gekko Hosoya), a mail-order sales company of pearl jewelry and other items, will sell a set of high-quality Japanese Akoya pearl necklaces, unique baroque freshwater pearl pendants, and other items on the support purchase service "Make" from June 27, 2024 to July 29, 2024, 6:00 pm. The product will be on sale from June 27, 2024 to July 29, 2024 at Makuake, a support purchase service.

Makuake sales page:

High-quality Akoya pearl necklace

The cultivation of Akoya pearls is a labor-intensive process, requiring three to four years from the time the young shells are raised to the time they are landed on the beach. This is why it is said that "pearls are jewelry made by hand. Akoya pearls are very popular overseas. On the other hand, the amount of pearls distributed in Japan has been decreasing and the price has skyrocketed, so that even if you want to wear genuine Akoya pearls, you may feel that they are so expensive that you cannot easily afford to buy them. Also, there are fewer opportunities to introduce pearls, and interest in genuine pearls seems to be waning.

However, if we give up selling Akoya pearls because of the soaring prices, the culture of Japanese women wearing pearls may be increasingly lost. In times like this, we believe that we should rather continue our sales activities, and have decided to cut out the middle margin as much as possible and implement a project to sell high-quality Akoya pearl necklace sets on Makuake. Especially, the Makuake super early bird discount is a very reasonable price that defies the soaring price of pearls in the market.

The necklace is available in two types of pearl sizes: approximately 7.5-8mm pearls and 8-8.5mm pearls. The length of the necklace is 43 cm, which is slightly longer than the standard 42 cm, and the clasp has two multi-cut balls on each side, an original Esfiore specification. The volume of each piece has a strong sense of presence, and the shine and luster of genuine Akoya pearls add a more beautiful accent to your daily attire.

With one of these Akoya pearl necklaces, you will look more elegant and fashionable. It can be used for formal, casual, and business occasions for many years to come. Pearls are the most suitable jewelry for Japanese women, and I believe that pearls are jewelry that will always be there for women in various occasions throughout their lives, whether they are happy or not.

In addition to the Akoya pearl necklace set, we are introducing at the same time a variety of other jewelry, including colored pearl necklaces in fashionable shades, and baroque pearl design bracelets and pendants that shine with individuality.

All of these items are limited in stock and accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Comment from Mr. Sawai, Director of the Pearl Research Institute, Japan's leading pearl identification organization

Akoya pearls grown in Japan are known for their unique shine, which is called teri. This is because Japan has four distinct seasons, and the difference in temperature between the four seasons is ideal for growing pearls. The fashion style of Japanese people is also changing. Pearls are warm gemstones that can be easily incorporated into not only formal but also everyday fashion. Pearls that accentuate one's individuality are loved by women all over the world. Akoya pearls, born in Japan, are something I especially hope Japanese women will wear and enjoy."

■Return contents for Makuake supporters

◎A set of approximately 7.5-8mm pearl Akoya pearl necklace and earrings (or pierced earrings)

25% off for Makuake Super Early Bird Discount】59,900 yen, 20,000 yen off the regular price of 79,900 yen.

Set of 8-8.5mm pearl Akoya pearl necklace and earrings (or pierced earrings)

The price is 69,900 yen, a discount of 25,000 yen off the regular price of 94,900 yen.

All prices include tax. All prices shown include tax and nationwide flat-rate shipping.

Necklace of approx. 8-8.5mm pearls

Product Specifications for Akoya Pearl Necklace Set


Approx. 7.5-8mm pearls or approx. 8-8.5mm pearls

Length : approx. 43 cm (with silicon cushion)

    Including multi-cut ball parts (silver)

Color :White pinkish

Shape : Round

Clasp : one push type (silver rhodium plated)


Approximately 7.5mm or 8mm beads

Color : White-pink

Shape : Round

Clasp : screw type (silver rhodium plated) / double-hole swing type


Approximately 7.5mm or 8mm beads

Color :White pink

Shape : Round

Clasp : Silicon catch type (Titanium) / Double-hole swing type

Comes with a special case.

With a certificate of authenticity issued by Pearl Research Institute (postcard type)

Country of manufacture: Japan

Exclusive case & Pearl Identification Certificate included

Pearl jewelry being made at the same time

Pearl jewelry is a natural product, so there are individual differences in color and shape. Also, there are some scratches and dents.

*The color of the product on the screen may differ from the actual product due to photography.

■Please see the Makuake page for more details.


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