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Major Renewal of SEO Article Generation AI Tool "AItools GPT-4o," "Gemini Pro," and "Claude3.5 AI models are also newly included.

The industry's lowest cost per article is realized at "49.75 yen and up"!

株式会社Catch the Web

Catch the Web, Inc. (Head office: Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture; Representative Director: Hiroaki Matsui), a web marketing consulting and web marketing tool development company, announces a major renewal of its SEO article generation AI tool "AItools," which generates SEO articles in as little as 30 minutes per article. AItools", an SEO article generation AI tool that generates SEO articles in as little as 30 minutes per article.

AItools detail page

Catch the Web Inc.

Details of the renewal

With this renewal, the price per article has been set at 49.75 yen and up, the lowest level in the industry. In addition, we have not only eliminated the conventional AI models "GPT-3.5" and "GPT-4" provided by OpenAI and installed the latest AI model "GPT-4o," but also newly introduced "Gemini Pro" provided by Google and "Claude 3.5" provided by Anthropic, so that you can select an AI model can now be selected to generate articles. In addition, the number of characters that can be used per month has been significantly increased to twice the number of characters when using "GPT-4o" and "Claude3.5" and four times the number of characters when using "Gemini Pro". In addition, the maximum number of articles that can be created in a month, the maximum number of images that can be generated, the maximum number of characters for prompt addition functions, and the maximum number of characters for the free trial have also been significantly increased.

Background of Renewal

In order to meet a wide range of needs, we decided to introduce not only the latest AI model "GPT-4o" provided by OpenAI, but also "Gemini Pro" provided by Google and "Claude 3.5" provided by Anthropic. In addition, in order to reflect the lower API usage fees in the improvement of the user environment, we have renewed our existing plans and made it possible to offer the lowest pricing in the industry, starting at 49.75 yen per article (article generation costs vary depending on the plan and usage method).

From 49.75 yen per article, the lowest level in the industry

AItools" generates SEO articles in as little as 30 minutes

Includes a 5-day free trial

Recommended usage of AItools

1. title generation function

Image 1

Simply enter the keywords you wish to target and multiple SEO-optimized title suggestions will be automatically generated. 2.

(2) Heading structure generation function

Image 2

Based on the keywords entered, SEO-optimized headings are automatically generated. Highly accurate headlines can be easily created with reference to top sites.

3. body text generation function

Image 3

Generates body text for each headline in line with search intent. It is also possible to optimize the text by using the re-retrieval function, summary function, and lengthening function.

4. WordPress integration function

Image 4

By linking AItools with WordPress, you can draft and post your articles on AItools' tool.

5. image generation function

Image 5

You can automatically generate the most suitable image just by entering the article title, headline, and keywords. 1 image per article can be generated for free.

6. rewrite function

Image 6

This function allows you to easily rewrite existing articles with a single click by simply loading the text you wish to refer to.

7. article import function

Image 7

This function allows you to enter an article URL and import its headline and body text in a batch. Combined with the rewrite function, articles not created with AItools can be revised quickly.

8. advance learning function

Image 8

Pre-learning a specific text or URL and generating articles based on its content.

Supervision: Prompt artist, Mr. Shunsuke Hayashi

Image 9.

Specialist in the use of generative AI to improve operational efficiency

Shunsuke Hayashi

Shunsuke Hayashi

AItools is the perfect tool for those who want to use ChatGPT to create deliverables, but can't write prompts. AItools is the best tool for such people. It offers a streamlined LLM-based workflow for writing articles. With AItools, article creation, which was limited to mere prompt input, is now truly easy with the power of AI assisting in the creation of deliverables. Now is the time to experience the power of generative AI.

Actual operation screen

We have prepared a video explaining how to use AItools.

Please take a look.

Company Profile

Company name: Catch the Web Inc.

Location: Foret Shonandai 5F, 1-7-9 Shonandai, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa

Representative: Hiroaki Matsui

Establishment : April 2006

Business : Web marketing consulting, web marketing tool development


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