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Top artists from Buenos Aires, the home of tango, and Japan gather again! The ultimate stage for the Argentine tango of love and sensuality! Tango Origin 2025" to be held throughout Japan in September 2025

~For businesses nationwide that would like to host the event as a promoter, Companies that support arts and culture by sponsoring the event, Municipalities that can support the event as a town revitalization


Tango Origin Productions, Inc. which over the years has invited many renowned dancers and musicians from the mainland Argentina, will present "Tango Origin 2025," a tango show in September 2025, with a lineup so impressive that it will surpass that of any Buenos Aires show house.

The national tour began in 2014, continued through 2015, and this year, for the first time in nine years, the show was held in seven locations across the country, closing on July 3 with great success.

Next year, we will once again bring together top artists from Buenos Aires, the home of the festival, and Japan for the fourth nationwide performance of "Tango Origin 2025," to be held in September 2025.

As in this year's event, the orchestra will be led by pianist Emiliano Greco, with Momoko Aida (violin), Takao Suzuki (bandoneon), and Vanina Tahini, a popular singer active in Buenos Aires, and top dancers from around the world will perform a unique dance to the gorgeous performance backed by their high technical skills. The dancers will be accompanied by the popular singer Vanina Tahini, who is active in Buenos Aires. Tango lovers as well as those unfamiliar with Argentine tango will be able to enjoy this highly artistic and authentic tango show with even more power.

We are looking for theaters and music companies to host the show, corporations to support Argentine tango as a comprehensive performing art, and municipalities to support the show as part of their efforts to promote health, strengthen communities, and revitalize their towns. We are looking for theaters and music companies to host the event as a promoter, companies to support Argentine Tango as a comprehensive performing art, and local governments to support the event as part of their efforts to promote health, strengthen the community and revitalize the town.

Purpose of the event

Argentine Tango was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009, and has been established as an international culture not only in Argentina but also in Europe, and is recognized for its many physical and mental benefits for people of all ages.

We hope to help bring Argentine tango to a wide range of people, to share its appeal with those who have never been involved in the dance, to brighten their lives, and to open new possibilities for them.

Our tango show will be a rare opportunity to experience authentic Argentine tango entertainment in Japan, featuring some of the world's top singers, dancers, and performers.

Argentina is famous for its soccer, wine, and beef, but there are few opportunities to experience its culture, history, and people.

Outline of the event


Planning/Production: Tango Origin Productions, Inc.

Date :September 2025



Emiliano Greco(Piano, Music Director)Emiliano Greco

Nicolas Enrich (bandoneon) Nicolas Enrich

Takatoki Suzuki(Bandoneon)

Matias Grande(Violin) Matras Grande

Momoko Aida(Violin)

Manuel Gomez(Contrabass)Manuel Gomez

Vanina Tagini(Singer)


Camila & Ezequiel Camila y Ezequiel

Candela y Fabrizio Candela y Fabrizio

Emanuel & Nadia Emanuel y Nadia

Cristian & Nao Cristian y Nao

Main pieces to be performed

Libertango / La Camparsita / Canalo de Paris / Nostalhias (Nostalgia) / Tormenta (Storm) / Malena / etc.

PV of this year's performance "TANGO ORIGIN 2024

Video of this year's performance "Tango Origin 2024

Part of the video (51min.)

Part 2 (46min.)

Official website (2024 version)

Price offered to the show's promoter

Assumed audience capacity of approx. 1,000

Includes cost of dispatching dancers and orchestra, lighting, sound, and stage equipment

Furniture and fixtures of the theater, and staff expenses for day-of-performance management are not included.

Assumes 2.7 million yen per performance

Event Visual

TANGO ORIGIN 2025 performance advance notice flyer

Profile of performers


Emiliano Greco Orchestra

Emiliano Greco (Piano, Music Director)

Matthias Grande (Violin)

Nicholas Enrich (Bandoneon)

Manuel Gomez (Contrabass)

Momoko Aida (Violin)

Takao Suzuki(bandoneon)

A young composition editor who has achieved much with his talent. He is the musical director of the most famous tango house in Argentina, and has toured all over the world with music bands such as Tango Show Company, Vice Vasa, and renowned orchestras. 2014 he will be in Japan with Min-On Tango. For this performance, she will be performing with Matthias Grande, musical director of the Quintet Grande Orchestra.


Vanina Tagini(Singer)

Vanina Tagini (Singer)

Grandson of the famous lyricist Armando Tahini, Vanina Tagini has been touring in Europe and abroad since 2009, and released her first CD "Another Song" worldwide. In 2021, he will perform in the show "Tango 01 - Lenacel" at the Teatro de la Múltíes Sena on Calle Corrientes. She is currently the female singer of "Palacio Tango", "Tango Pasión", and "Black Tango", and she and Gabriel Merlino present the duo "Duo Tagini Merlino - Intimos", which performs in different stages in Buenos Aires.


Camila & Ezequiel Camila y Ezequiel

Camila & Ezequiel

2015 World Champions of the Buenos Aires Tango World Championship Stage Tango held at Luna Park. She performed in Tangorama, directed by Maura Godoy. Ezequiel participated in the show "Que Viva The Chosen" in Los Angeles under the direction and production of Jamie King, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, and was a finalist in the live show held at the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas Participated in the show. Performed in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Terrabon Canada as part of the Tango Legends Company directed by Pablo Sosa and Mariela Maldonado. Toured with Musical Tanguera, playing the lead role in Hamburg, Germany. Participated in the Stavaganza Tango show in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a choreographic assistant. He was a cast member of Tango Fire, directed by German Cornejo, which toured the UK to great acclaim. He is currently a cast member of Tango Porteño.

Candela & Fabrizio Candela y Fabrizio

Candela & Fabrizio

Candela Vega and Fabrizio Tonelli are two of the world's leading career Argentine tango dancers. They currently perform at the prestigious tango house "Gala Tango" in the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires. Prior to that, he performed on stage with Señor Tango, Bar Sur, and Omero Manzi. He has also traveled around the world as a show dancer for Tango Buenos Aires, which is currently held on the luxury cruise ship Royal Caribbean. During her career, she has been a member of such renowned companies as the Marcos Ayala Tango Company, the Maura Godoy Dance Company, the Mercosur Ballet Company, and 360 Danza. He has toured Europe and held milongas, classes, seminars, and exhibitions in various countries including Spain, France, and Italy. He currently runs his own tango studio,

Emanuel & Nadia Emanuel y Nadia

Emanuel & Nadia

Emanuel was born in Zarate, Buenos Aires and began his professional career at the age of 18. He has performed not only tango, but also classical, jazz, and Latin dances, and has performed in many musicals in his home country of Argentina. She is currently based in Japan, where she is a professional tango dancer and director, and won the first place in the stage division at the Asian Tango Dance Championships in 2021 and the first place in the stage division at the Indonesian and Balinese Tango Dance Championships in 2022. Nadia has a degree in Choreographic Composition from the National University of the Arts in Argentina, and has worked as a classical dance and tap dance instructor, etc. She was a dancer at "Bar Sur" in Buenos Aires from 2023 to 2024, and a tango dancer. 2021 and 2023 Tango World Championships Semi-finalists in the Pista category. They are both members of "The Cxuce" produced by Vanessa & Facundo.

Cristian & Nao Cristian y Nao

Cristian & Nao

Cristian and Nao have been dancing as a pair since 2007. They have been finalists in the Argentine Tango Dance World Championships in both Salon and Stage for 4 consecutive years since 2009, and have been regular dancers in the "Rojo Tango" tangueria at the famous Hotel Faena in Buenos Aires for 2 years since 2010. 2012 Winner of the Metropolitano competition. Finalist at the 2023 Argentine Tango Dance World Championships in the Pista category, where she placed 6th. 2015 she opened her own tango salon, Buenos Aires, in Omotesando, Tokyo. Currently, she is also active as a choreographer, performing in musicals with former top stars of Takarazuka.

Company Profile

Company name: Tango Origin Production, Inc.


Location: Kyoei Ginza 7-chome Bldg. 4F, 7-14-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Date of Establishment : October 13, 2006

Capital : 5 million yen

Representative : Koji Takehara

Business : 1. management of dance school 2. management of dance studio

       (2) Management of dance studios

       (3) Sales of dance goods

       (4) Planning and production of dance-related entertainment

       (5) Invitation and mediation of foreign entertainers, contracting of entertainment, production and management of performances

        5. invitation, mediation, contracting of entertainment, production and management of performances by foreign entertainers 6. restaurant business

       6. restaurant business

       (7) Temporary staffing business

       8. import, export and trading of shoes, clothing, daily sundries and food products 9.

       9. all businesses incidental to the above