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The "Inverted Yularix Seitai", a different dimensional bodywork technique and, and "Total Foot Care Osteopathy", which is indispensable for preventive medicine and maintenance of good health. The collaboration menu is now available!

Different-dimensional Seitai to align the brain, mind, feet, and body at the same time!


Solana~Solana Juu Seitai-In (Location: Hirano-ku, Osaka; Representative: Takahiro Matsumoto), a provider of the other-dimensional bodywork technique "Inverted Yurarix Seitai," has begun offering a collaborative menu of "Total Foot Care Seitai," which incorporates focused treatment on the legs, which tend to deteriorate with age, and "Inverted Yurarix Seitai," which is effective for strength training around the trunk, under the keyword "preventive medicine through treatment before symptoms appear. Under the slogan of "preventive medicine through treatment before symptoms appear," the clinic has begun offering a collaborative menu of "Total Foot Care Osteopathy," which focuses on the feet, which tend to decline with age, and "Inverted Yurarix Osteopathy," which is also effective for strength training of the muscles around the trunk. This means that we can now offer "Total Foot & Body Care Seitai" at our clinic.

Reversed Yularix Seitai (1)

Knowledge and skills are essential to survive in a healthy and happy super-aging society!

■Working on "Preventive Medicine" with Osteopathic Medicine

According to the "Trends in Medical Expenses in Fiscal Year 2008" released by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in September 2019, medical expenses in fiscal year 2008 totaled 42.6 trillion yen, an increase of approximately 0.3 trillion yen from the previous year. Medical care costs have been increasing every year, with 41.3 trillion yen in FY 2008 and 42.2 trillion yen in FY 2009.

Medical expenses are expected to increase further in the future as the number of elderly people increases. In response to this trend, attention is being focused on "preventive medicine" to prevent illness and injury, and to prevent serious illness and recurrence.

In the past, many patients were treated only after symptoms appeared, but we wanted to offer a plan that would encourage people to adopt physical therapy as "preventive medicine," so we have added "Total Foot Care Seitai," which focuses on the feet, which tend to weaken as people get older, to "Inverted Yurarix Seitai" and now offer a set plan. We have decided to offer a set plan that includes "Total Foot Care Osteopathy," which focuses on the feet, which tend to weaken as we age.

Hearing goes back to the past.

What is "Inverted Yularix Seitai"?

In January 2019, Representative Matsumoto released "Upside Down Yularix Seitai".

The mainstream of bodywork is to perform it while lying down, and it is very difficult to understand what is good and what is bad because "the treatment time is different" and "there are too many different styles.

The "Gyaku-sa Yurarix Seitai" is, as the name suggests, a bodywork technique in which the patient "hangs upside down, shakes, and relaxes," and the treatment time is about 10 minutes. It is also useful for a wide range of conditions, including hernia, cervical spondylosis, shoulder pain, scoliosis, turtle back, drooping internal organs, pelvic correction, O-leg correction, knee and hip pain, and lower leg edema, as well as for stretching and strength training around the trunk.

In fact, it is said that "standing on one's head is very effective in improving health," and in this "Inverted Yurarix Seitai," the same effect as standing on one's head can be obtained using a special device.

Total Foot Care Seitai for feet that tend to decline with age

Leg muscles tend to deteriorate with age. There are many cases where elderly people fall and fracture their legs, resulting in bedridden patients who require nursing care. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to take care of the feet on a regular basis.

Total Foot Care Osteopathy is a lower limb-intensive osteopathic treatment that aims to restore the foot function that is inherently human, so receiving treatment before they decline will contribute to maintaining healthy feet.

■An initial trial campaign is also available!

As a first-time trial campaign, the collaboration menu of "Foot Care Seitai & Inverted Yularix Seitai" will be offered at a 50% discount from the regular price of 15,400 yen (tax included).

Campaign period: July 18, 2024 - August 31, 2024

Outline of the store

Trade name: ~Solana~ Solana Juu Osteopathic Clinic

Representative :Takahiro Matsumoto

Location :Megalo Town Hirano-Gobangai, 1-5-5-182 Hiranomiyamachi, Hirano-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 547-0046

Access: 4 minutes walk from JR Hirano Station, 13 minutes walk from Subway Hirano Station

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-12:00 / 14:00-20:00 Saturday 9:00-13:00

     *Reception closes 30 minutes before closing for both morning and afternoon examinations.

Closed on Thursdays, Sundays, and national holidays

     GW, Obon, Year-end and New Year holidays, and other irregular holidays

Opened : April, 2018

Treatment : Osteopathy, bodywork, diet support, total foot care

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