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We want to light up our hometown Uchidabashi shopping street once again! Crowd Funding Starts on July 10 Uchidabashi Night Market Main Event "Dabashi DE Lantern


Uchidabashi Shopping Street Promotion Association (Location: 1-3-6 Uchidabashi, Minami-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture; Representative Director: Nobuhiro Oshimura), the organizer of the first Uchidabashi Night Market, will start accepting advance reservations for the main event "Dabashi DE Lantern" on the crowdfunding site CAMPFIRE on Wednesday, July 10, at 9:30 a.m. The event will be held at the Uchidabashi Night Market in the future.

Future Uchidabashi Night Market

Crowdfunding site "CAMPFIRE

Background of the project

We want to bring back the liveliness and vitality to our hometown Uchidabashi shopping street! This is the starting point of our activities.

Uchida-bashi Bridge was built at the confluence of the Hori River, the mother river of Nagoya, which was constructed by Fukushima Masanori in 1610, and the Shin Hori River, which was constructed in 1910 to navigate ships and to receive treated sewage water. Close to Atsuta Shrine and the Shichiri-no-watashi ferry, the town is also rich in Atsuta's history and culture, as evidenced by the annual Maki-wara Festival.

However, we have a serious sense of crisis about the future of our town: the population is declining due to the falling birthrate and aging population and the exodus of young people, and the urban landscape is deteriorating due to the decline of the shopping district and the deterioration of the Horikawa and Shinhorikawa seawalls.

Therefore, we are determined to create a new town that will be able to take advantage of the waterfront areas such as the Horikawa and Shinhorikawa Rivers, the Uchidabashi Shopping Street, which has been regaining vitality in recent years, the Makiwara Association, which consists of young people who dedicate the Makiwara portable shrine, the Meiji School District Liaison Council, which is engaged in community building through mutual support, and leading neighborhood businesses, whose passion for the town's recovery is on the rise. We will create urban attractions and unique and attractive spaces, as stated in Nagoya City's Urban Master Plan, through town development that makes the most of waterfront spaces such as the Horikawa River and the Shinhorikawa River, the revival of vibrant shopping streets, various festivals and events, and the promotion of town development with high circulation in cooperation with the Atsuta Town Development Tourism Federation, which includes the nearby Atsuta Shrine, Shichiri-no-watashi, Shiratori Teien, and other nearby places. We would like to create urban attractions and unique attractive spaces as stated in Nagoya City's Urban Master Plan.

What we hope to achieve through this project

We will dye the Uchidabashi shopping street red during the event with floating lanterns to express the wishes of the Uchidabashi shopping street and all the participants who support the Uchidabashi night market. With a view to forming a partnership with a night market in Taiwan in the next fiscal year and beyond, we hope to deepen mutual exchange and link this to tourism and inbound demand.

Uchida-bashi Lantern

About Returns

10,000 yen: A lantern with the supporter's name and wish written on it

     One lantern with the supporter's name and wish written on it will be floated during the event.

     One piece of original colored paper as a thank-you for your support

     Aya Oshimura, a brush pen art instructor, will create and send a piece of original colored paper as a thank-you for your support.

Project Outline

Project name: Advance reservation for "Dabashi DE Lantern," the main event of Uchidabashi Night Market

Period : July 10, 2024 (Wed) 9:30 - August 4, 2024 (Sun) 23:59


Corporate Profile

Trade name: Uchidabashi Shopping Center Promotion Association

Representative: Nobuhiro Oshimura, Representative Director

Location: 1-3-6 Uchidabashi, Minami-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 457-0862, Japan


For customer inquiries regarding this matter, please contact

Uchidabashi Shopping Center Promotion Association Customer Service Center

TEL : 052-691-6387